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Cherry Grove Automotive

Full Service, Quality, Honest Auto Repair

We're sure that you have seen the advertisements from some auto repair establishments, offering one or more services at unheard of low prices. But, what are you really getting for your money? Will the parts used work as well as the original equipment? Will they last a long time? Are the technicians properly trained to perform the 

repairs or services you need? Does the staff at the repair facility have the equipment, knowledge, and resources that are necessary to provide you with the best possible service? These are the questions you need answered when having your vehicle repaired or serviced.

At Cherry Grove Automotive, when we perform a repair or service on your vehicle, we use the best parts available at the best price. We employ technicians who have years of expertise and extensive training and ASE certifications. Our staff has access to top of the line equipment, professional online repair guides, and a vast array of resources to make sure that your vehicle is fixed right the first time around.

For instance, when we perform a disc brake service, we use premium, long lasting, ultra quiet ceramic brake pads. We will resurface or replace the brake rotors, clean and repack the wheel bearings (where applicable), and clean and lubricate every piece of hardware. We do this to ensure that the brakes on your vehicle will perform well, last a long time, and operate quietly. Our customers benefit from many years and miles of trouble free braking.

We even go the extra mile when performing simple maintenance services such as oil changes. We will only use the oil type that is required by your vehicle's manufacturer, and our standard oil is a high quality synthetic blend oil, which is a step above conventional oil. Plus, we stock full synthetic oil, which is now required in many newer vehicles. We use top quality NAPA filters, and with every 

oil change our lube technicians will check and top off all of your fluids, check your tire pressures, and inspect the condition of your tires, belts, hoses, air filter and wiper blades. If your vehicle needs new wiper blades or a new air filter, we don't charge any extra labor costs to replace them, all you pay for are the additional cost of the parts.